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5+ beileidssprüche für karten

Friday, March 2nd 2018. | Karte Vorlage

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Type of Search Engine Type in the World You May Not Know

Information seeking activities may often we do by using the internet. Because searching for information with search engines is faster than searching in books. Of course you know, the power of the internet has abolished boundaries. You can access information whenever and wherever. But maybe people are still often fixed on one search engine only. Whereas in the world there are many search engines that we may not know. Most people choose Google or Yahoo search engine. By using the search engine, we can find a lot of information we need. Maybe you need to filter the information, because not all information has a positive value.

  1. First, the Google search engine. This search engine is a very popular search engine in the community. More than 1.1 billion visitors every month using Google. Wow, the numbers are amazing. The founders of Google’s search engine are Larry Page and Sergey Brin. They are students of Stanford University. At first Google is a campus project. But in 1998 the project turned into a private company. Now you must know the greatness of google search engine. He is able to predict your keywords with accurate results.
  2. Second, the search engine is named Bing. At first Bing was named MSN Search, Windows Live Search. This search engine is a product of Microsoft. Bing is a popular search engine. But the number of visits each month can not exceed google. According to estimates, there are 350 million visitors each month. Steve Ballmer introduced Bing on May 28, 2009. But it was officially used by the public on June 1, 2009. Then Bing became a substitute for Microsoft’s previous search engine, Live Search.
  3. Third, Yahoo! search engine. On the third rank there is a yahoo search engine. With a visit every month as many as 300 million visitors. Then Yahoo started officially marketed in 1994. Furthermore Overture bought Yahoo when in 2003 until now. But Yahoo still existed and used by some people to this day.
  4. Fourth, the Ask search engine. The search engine with the fourth most visitor is Ask. In 1998 and 1999 this search engine became popular in the community. Uniquely you should find the information you need by throwing a question. Then this search engine receives a visit of 245 million visitors every month.
  5. Fifth, search engine AOL Search. In the fifth position belongs to AOL. This search engine belongs to AOL inc. Although previously this search engine belongs to American Online, Inc. Each month the machine is visited by 125 Million visitors. At this time AOL still exist by serving the company with its internet service.

Some of the above search engines are popular search engines. Maybe all this time you only know google. But in fact there are many other popular search engines in the world. You can choose any search engine, consider the capabilities of your device. If you would like to see more interesting tips, accessing Keliamoniz is the great choice.

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