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Thursday, March 1st 2018. | Probe Finanzen

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Brilliant Tricks to Increase Your Concentration

Well, are you often sleepy ?. By noon usually, you will experience failure to focus. This can be caused by many factors. One of the causes of your loss of concentration is food. Then another cause of your concentration is lost is your mood. Concentration is an attempt to concentrate on the object you are working on. If you lose concentration, your work will be a mess. Because you will not be able to think quickly. Then you become unproductive. Furthermore you will experience impasse on your mind. Thus maybe you should take a break. Then think of problems that hinder your concentration. Some efforts you can do to improve the ability of concentration, among others.

  1. First, you should start a healthy life. This advice is not just to improve your concentration. But your life will be longer and youthful. Here you have to start reducing your smoking habit. Then eat – foods are fat and too salty. Both of these foods can make you increase your cholesterol. Because excessive fat will accumulate in the blood vessels. Furthermore your blood pressure becomes high. High blood pressure makes you think hard and your stress level will increase. Habit to exercise will make you more relaxed. You can also increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits. Interesting is not it, if you work while eating fresh fruit.
  2. Secondly, you should have enough sleep time. Then that is not less important is your rest time. Adequate rest time will make your body fresh when you wake up in the morning. So you are better prepared to take the job. Thus your concentration is stronger. Because you will avoid lazy, limp and sleepy. Make sure you take 6 hours to sleep every day. If you have trouble sleeping, you can take warm drinks first.
  3. Third, Make a target on every job you do. Next you need to be more organized while working. Prioritize work that is more important for you to finish first. Thus you can focus more while doing your task. Do not forget to always listen to your body alarm. If you start dizzy, nausea, maybe you need to rest for a while.
  4. Fourth, face whatever is in front of you. If you want to focus, you do not have to guess what will happen. Focus on the work ahead of you. Do not be afraid to face your problem. If you always think positive, then you will not feel depressed. A sense of calm makes you more focused in thinking.
  5. Fifth, reward yourself. The most important thing is to respect yourself. Thus you show that you are someone important. If you are able to complete your target, reward yourself. Suppose you do something you like. You can watch movies, then buy your favorite snacks. Thus your sense of fatigue will be lost. After that you can resume your task. If your mood is good, your concentration will also be good. You can view other interesting and useful articles only at Zahracomedy.

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